10 teacher wellbeing tips

10 teacher wellbeing tips to make the most of your summer holidays.

It’s world wellbeing week. Learn how to return to school in September 2023, feeling refreshed and energised, with our 10 teacher wellbeing tips.

  1. Plan when you are going to your CPD, and time limit it.
  2. Plan for going away holidays in advance, camping trips require a lot of packing, leave enough time to be organised.
  3. A change in scenery can work wonders in totally switching off, in this country or abroad.
  4. Some holidays can be stressful as we adjust to being with the whole family 24/7, so don’t forget to plan alone time.
  5. Days out can be just as good to switch off from everything as an overnight stay and there is no packing.
  6. Spend time in nature; it’s a well-known de-stressor.
  7. Negotiate, if you have a family, and plan activities you enjoy with friends, so you are getting a mixed break.
  8. Spend some days doing nothing, pottering about aimlessly is ok and relaxing.
  9. Spend the last week before returning to school getting organised.
  10. Learn how to meditate or practice mindfulness if you have not already. It’s been working for people for thousands of years and you too can benefit if you have not already.

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